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Our Health & Safety Policy

Keeping You Safe While Having Fun

•We will take the temperature of both clients and employees and keep a logbook of daily results of employees.

•Every employee and client will use protective mask; a mask will be provided if the client does not have one. Our booth will have an acrylic transparent cover to minimize contact.

•We will have hand sanitizer and alcohol to disinfect clients and the work areas.

•We will make a path with our signs and chairs to force employees to only get close through the front of the booth.

•If an employee shows any symptom he will be sent to get tested immediately.

•The parasailing gear will be modified so that the areas of most frequent contact are covered will plastic for better cleaning.

•There will be a longer transition time in between tours times due to proper sanitation measures we are taking.

a close up of a logo
a close up of a logo

•On the parasail boat we will board a maximum of 4 passengers with 2 crew members per trip. On the boat (31ft x 10ft) we will separate the clients to enforce social distancing.

•The banana boat that boards 8 passengers will only board a maximum of 3 passengers which will be 6 feet apart. The banana boat that boards 12 passengers will only board a maximum of 4 passengers. In the case where they are from the same family nucleus,we could boardmore passengers.

•The boats, banana boat, and life jackets will be disinfected before and after every trip. The used life jackets will be separated for proper cleaning.

•Boat trips will go out with a maximum of 4 passengers; if they are from the same family nucleus,we can board up to 6.

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